We search for and find your ancestors  in registry offices, registration offices, school registers, city/state archives, club databases, church registers, court records, central archives, town and village chronicles, lists of employees from  businesses, old documents, lists of war graves, lists of emigrants, ship passenger lists, insurance documents. We offer you the following options.

1.) Starting-person back to the beginning of the registry office records – as a rule back to 1874, in certain regions there are a few rare registry office records which reach a little further back.

2.) Starting-person back to the beginning of the registry office records, then further back to retrievable church registers, which in some cases begin before 1550.

3.) Starting-person as in point two, additionally alternative sources such as court registers, local museums, other family researchers and much more

4.) For each ancestor, corresponding siblings can be researched.

5.) In addition, it is also possible to search for all descendants or also just for single family lines.

Please be aware that research which leads abroad must be specially arranged and calculated.